20 Small Female Celebrity Tattoos

20 Small Female Celebrity Tattoos!


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01 Zoë Kravitz – Matching tattoos on her fingers saying ‘Lolawolf’ on Zoë Kravitz. – Tattoo artist: by Dr. Woo – Source:

02 Miley Cyrus – Avocado – Tattoo artist: Lauren Winzer – Source:

03 Rita Ora – Ballet dancer tattoo on her tricep – Tattoo artist: Bang Bang – Source:

04 Emilia Clarke – Fine line style bee tattoo on Emilia Clarke’s pinky finger – Tattoo artist: Dr. Woo – Source:

05 Ruby Rose – “…and breathe me.”, Sia Furler’s song “Breathe Me.” inspired neck tattoo – Source:

06 Kendall Jenner – Tiny white dot on her middle finger. – Tattoo artist: Jon Boy – Source:

07 Selena Gomez – Love Yourself in arabic – Tattoo artist: Bang Bang

08 Zelda Williams – Hummingbird to honor her ‘Poppo’, Robin Williams – Tattoo artist: Dr. Woo – Source:

09 Rihanna – 1988 The year of her birth “1988,” inked in a bold black Gothic font encircling her right ankle – Tattoo artist: Bang Bang – Source:

10 Ariana Grande – “Mille tendrese”, french term that translates to “a thousand terdernesses”.

11 Cara Delevingne – Heraldic tattoo on her left side. – Tattoo artist: Dr. Woo – Source:

12 Florence Welch – Christian cross – Tattoo artist: Bang Bang. – Source:

13 Hailey Baldwin – Hailey Baldwin commemorates her parents’ marriage with this Roman Numeral tattoo on her left wrist. – Source:

14 Miley Cyrus – Pufferfish tattoo on her inner arm – Tattoo artist: Dr. Woo – Source:

15 Demi Lovato – “Now I’m a warrior” on her left shoulder blade – Tattoo artist: Bang Bang – Source:

16 Ellie Goulding – Side tattoo of an ornamental style lotus flower – Tattoo artist: Dr. Woo –

17 Rita Ora – Behind the ear tattoo of the Sagittarius zodiacal sign on Rita Ora. – Tattoo artist: Bang Bang – Source:

18 Rihanna – The birthday of Rihanna’s best friend and manager, Melissa Forde, inked on the top of her left shoulder in roman numerals: XI•IV•LXXXVI (4.11.1986). – Tattoo artist: Rob-G –

19 Ariana Grande – Small heart tattoo on her toe. – Tattoo artist: Isaiah Negrete – Source:

20 Cara Delevingne – Lion face on her index finger – Tattoo artist: Bang Bang – Source:

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  1. Reghan Smith says:

    where tf are Sia’s tattoos?

  2. Arekkusu Kirishima says:

    Wow, the one from Zoe Kravitz was awesome.

  3. Ed says:

    Cara wins in this tattoe video. Good idea having a lion tattoe on her

    • Little Tattoos says:

      +Ed The lion tattoo was her tattooer’s idea, Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. Her
      idea was to get the word “lion” instead of the lion face. Thank you for

  4. H Angeli says:

    Don’t know most of them, but I like Florence, nice to see her tattoo, and
    this Cara Delevingne girl has a good taste!

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