37 Celebrity Tattoos #1 || Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and more…


Perfect GEOMETRIC TATTOOS & Meanings [HD – High Quality] ► ►

ALL TATTOOS in the video (WITH names):

Zayn Malik “Star Wars light saber”
Lily Collins’s “Fairy”
Joe Jonas “Hand in Triangle”
Sarah Hyland’s Message
Miley Cyrus’s “Vegemite”
Miley Cyrus’s “Puppy”
Hailey and Ireland Baldwin’s Matching “Baldwin”
Rihanna’s “1988”
Paris Jackson “a snake wrapped around a sword with a skull on top”
Paris Jackson “Matching Eye”
Paris Jackson “Motley”
Paris’ Dedication to her Father, Michael Jackson
Hailey Baldwin and Mari McKinney’s Matching “Gente”
Chloë Grace Moretz and Kathryn Gallagher’s Initial Tattoos
Chloë Grace Moretz’s “grandma’s name Janette Duke”
Bella Thorne’s Matching “Heart”
Bella Thorne’s “second” Heart
Bella and Dani Thorne’s “Space Tatts”
Bella Thorne’s “Cat”
Ellie Goulding’s new tattoo
Keke Palmer’s “Queen of Kush”
Selena Gomez’s “My Little Pony”
Ariana Grande’s two new tattoos
Demi Lovato “smile”
Cara Delevingne “elephant ink”
Abigail Breslin’s Tiny “Moon and Star”
Justin Bieber’s “Angel Wings”
Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”
Austin Mahone’s “HAIZ”
Lourdes’ “MOM” and “DAD”
Liam Payne’s “Massive Clock”
Liam Payne’s “Roses and Skull”
Liam Payne’s “Eagle”
Kylie Jenner’s “Heart”
Hailey Baldwin’s “G”
Lily Collins’ “#LoveAlwaysandForever”
Shawn Mendes “The guitar made up of trees being reflected in a body of water.”



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  1. squishy5sos says:

    i read it as liam paynes massive cock and i can’t even.

  2. shaima yaseen says:

    n zayn’s too harry too Louis too I love them

  3. shaima yaseen says:

    whenever I see Liam’s tattoos I really die

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