Ultimate White Ink Tattoos


Ultimate White Ink Tattoos

No matter the color, the UV rays of the harsh sun are absolute MURDER on tattoos. Even if you aren’t specifically sunbathing, high SPFs should be on a constant rotation in your medicine cabinet to protect your ink on a summer’s day. With white tattoos becoming more common this season, everyone’s wondering what white tattoos on tan skin look like before they head under the needle for some hip new ink.

Honestly, the answer is different for everyone, but white tattoos generally have a harder time surviving after the healing process than other colors of ink. For most people, you may spend the rest of your life running from the sun just to keep your tattoo from looking like a raised disease on your skin.

The sun has a unique way of playing with our emotions. The vitamin D helps us maintain a normal energy and peace of mind, but that whole skin cancer side effect is kind of a bummer. A day out in the sun has even lightened some stubborn scars of my own, but you definitely don’t want to lighten your tattoo, especially a white tattoo that is already mostly transparent in the first place.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun may seem like an easy thing to avoid, but even spending ten minutes outside (that’s like, a round trip walk to the subway) can have harmful effects on our skin. Before indulging in these seemingly effervescent white ink tattoos, consider how much sun your skin can take.

White ink tattoos have got a fun scar look and are not as extreme as scarifications. They are fit for geometrical designs such as mandalas, lace and tribals, but also delicate and feminine designs such as dragonfly, wings and flowers. Not strong enough? First, it is the main goal of white ink tats to be more discreet than tattoos with black outlines. Then, if they are done well, they will last and look good! Teamed with colors and black shadings, they create unique compositions that rock and don’t be afraid:

The darker your skin is, the better it will look. So, if you want to get a white ink tattoo, go for it! But take the time to find a good artist and talk with him/her: It’s your skin and your tattoo – do what you want, take care of it and let them talk! Here are 30 white ink tattoos that actually look good

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